At Shezlong your privacy and safety are always the utmost priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that you and your data are always kept safe and confidential. Our technology is fully HIPAA compliant.

No personal information is At All required other than the E-Mail address. The Support chat is inaccessible to all parties other than the Customer Support.
The E-Mail address is confidential only to the Customer Support and the therapist can only ask for it after granting a written permission from the client. 

The Session room is

  • generated only at the session time and expires after the therapist ends the session
  • While active; Inaccessible to all parties except the user and the therapist.¬†
  • All Data are temporarily existent and hence no data from the session room ¬†including the Chat Box can be saved in any cloud or local storage.
  • Video Recording/ Screenshotting is disabled in the session room and sends warnings that can lead to account termination.
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