If the client cancels that is more than 3 hours away, then the full session amount will be refunded back without the transaction fees.

If the therapist cancelled the session and the client doesn't want to transfer or choose another session appointment, you can refund full fees.

If the client requested to cancel the session within less than 3 hours from the time of the reserved session then 50% of the session fees will be deducted from the client and the rest is to be refunded back. 

If the client is late to attend the session, the time wasted will not be substituted for another time, except if the therapist agrees to compensate the client with extra minutes. 

If the client did not attend the session without a minimum of 3-hour pre-notice then all fees will not be refunded to the client. The therapist will have all his/her fees for this session.

If a technical problem happens before or during the session, both sides should contact the support team directly. If the problem is resolved, the session is continued. If not resolved then another session will be arranged to continue the rest of the time of the session.

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