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What is the refund policy?
What is the refund policy?
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Our policies at Shezlong rely on transparency and aim at providing high-quality medical services, protecting our clients and therapists from service misuse, and respecting their time. Please take a moment to read our policy. By using our service you’re accepting its terms.

Since September 15th, 2021, the policy outlined below has been effective.

  • Clients have a limit of four cancellations per 30 days.

  • Clients will get a full refund if they canceled the session 12 hours before the appointment.

  • Clients will get a 75% refund if they canceled the session within 12 hours and prior to 6 hours before the appointment.

  • Clients will get a 50% refund if they canceled the session within 6 hours and prior to 3 hours before the appointment.

  • No refund will be applied if the client canceled the session less than three hours before the appointment.

  • Clients are having a limit of only one reschedule per session (for a limited number of sessions) and the action should be taken 6 hours or more prior to the appointment.

  • In case of a therapist no-show that lasts for 15 minutes from the appointment start time, the client can get a full refund or reschedule the session free of any charge.

  • In case of a client no-show that lasts for 30 minutes from the appointment starting time, the therapist has the full right to finish the session, and none of the fees will be refunded.

  • If you are reserving the session from Egypt, you cannot access the session room from elsewhere. Reservations made from Egypt are paid in Egyptian pounds, while reservations made from elsewhere are paid in U.S. dollars. If the session is paid in a non-matching currency, it cannot be refunded.

If a technical problem happens before or during the session, both sides should contact the support team directly. If the problem is resolved, the session is continued. If not resolved then another session will be arranged to continue the rest of the time of the session.

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